Travel Clinic

When you plan your holiday or travel, it is important to understand the health-related issues of travel. Most travel-related infections are avoidable when appropriate precautions are taken.

Please allow at least three months before you travel in order to make the necessary arrangements. However, even if you have forgotten to make any necessary arrangements, please do not hesitate to come for any last minute advice.

For the travel clinic, please speak to the receptionist and make an appointment to see our travel clinic nurse. The nurse will go through your medical records to ensure that you get the most appropriate advice while considering any medical conditions you may have. Our nurses have up-to-date information in this area and are able to give travel advice and to work out an appropriate immunisation schedule.

Charing Surgery is a registered yellow fever centre and offers this service to our registered patients.

You can also get anti-malarial tablets and any mosquito repellants from our Pharmacy.

Travel risk assessment form – To be completed by the traveller prior to appointment.

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