Services at the Charing Surgery

Services at the Charing Surgery

We continually strive to provide various services within our Practice so that our patients don’t have to travel elsewhere for this.

Asthma/COPD Clinic
Our Practice nurse is trained to offer management of your asthma and COPD.

Blood pressure monitoring
Did you know you can  check your blood pressure on our easy to use self service machine?  Patients may use the machine anytime during surgery & pharmacy hours to check their BP by following the simple instructions. The monitor will print the reading when you have finished which you should hand in at reception (or pharmacy if a Saturday morning). Staff will advised if this result is satisfactory or if you should make an appointment.

Complementary therapies
We have a range of complimentary therapists including a chiropractor, myofascial release therapist, a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, a hypnotherapist and a yoga practitioner.

Counselling service
For the benefit of our patients we offer in-house counselling service through NHS IAPT (Improved access to Psychological Therapies)

Diabetic retinopathy screening
This is offered on a regualr basis by an on-site van with a camera. You will be invited for your annual check-up. 

We have the facility in-house to record your ECG, which is commonly used to detect abnormal heart rhythms and to investigate the cause of chest pains. We also offer an ambulatory heart monitoring system called Novacor. 24 hour blood pressure monitoring is also available to our patients.

Leg ulcers
Our nurses are experience in managing most leg ulcers.

Medicines check
Patients taking medications for a long-term condition can have a medicines use review service which involves a consultation with the pharmacist to discuss your medications. It gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about how and why you should be taking your medicines and any problems or side effects this is causing. This is different to a medication review you may have with your doctor.

New medicines service
The new medicine service in our pharmacy focuses on patients with long term conditions that have been prescribed new medicines. We can offer you advice and support with your new medications.

Phlebotomy (blood tests)
We have nurses and phlebotomists who can help you with various blood tests in the Surgery.

Physiotherapists are based in the Surgery on certain days. Patients needing treatment can speak to a doctor or nurse practitioner or self-refer.

Smoking cessation clinic
In our pharmacy we offer support and advice to patients who want to stop smoking. Where necessary, our pharmacists can identify the most suitable nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for our customers. 

Weight management programme
In our pharmacy we offer a weight management programme where you can get advice, support and monitoring service. This is a tried and tested NHS weight management programme. 

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