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Contacting the Surgery

01233 714490 (For Test Results and General Enquiries please call after 11:30 a.m).

Please be advised, that the practice has installed a call-back option when you ring into the practice if there is a queue of calls. This is to save you from having to wait for your call to be answered but hold your place in the queue.  Please note: the call back will be from the reception team and not a GP.  

Patients registered with Patient Access can book a blood test and a same-day call back from a GP.  Appointments are available from 7 a.m.  Please contact Reception about how to register for this service.

We operate a telephone triage system for URGENT same-day problems. Chronic problems are also followed up by the usual clinician over a phone consultation and if a face-to-face appointment is required after speaking to you, the clinician will arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

When you call the surgery, the phone will be answered by a Care Navigator. The Care navigators are members of Charing Surgery support staff who have been trained to help you get the right help from the right place. They will work with you to ensure that you are signposted to the right support at the right time. They can direct you to the best member of the practice healthcare team to deal with medical issues and help connect you with the most appropriate service for any other support you might need. Anything you tell them will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Mental Health

Check this website for local mental health services. Mental wellbeing hub: NHS Kent and Medway

Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)

UTC now deals with treatments for all minor injuries and minor ailments as listed below.

Strains and sprains
Broken bones
Cuts and grazes
Skin infections and rashes
Bites and stings
Eye problems
Feverish illness in adults
Feverish illness in children
Emergency contraception
Abdominal pain
Vomiting and diarrhoea
Minor head injuries
Coughs and colds
Minor scalds and burns
Ear infections 
Throat infections

UTC centres are listed below, and you can check the waiting time on the WaitLess app.

William Harvey Hospital
Kennington Road, Ashford, TN24 0LZ
Royal Victoria Hospital
Radnor Park Ave, Folkestone, CT19 5BN
Daily 8am-8pm. X-ray on weekdays 9am-5pm
Faversham Health Centre
Bank Street, Faversham, ME13 8QR
Daily 8am-8pm. X-ray on weekdays 10am-4pm
Buckland Hospital
Coombe Valley Rd, Dover, CT17 0HD
Daily 8am-8pm. X-ray every day 9am-5pm
Kent and Canterbury Hospital
Ethelbert Road, Canterbury, CT1 3NG
The details are correct on the day it was published 5/9/2022

WaitLess App

Patients in Kent and Medway are now able to use the WaitLess app to view waiting times at urgent treatment centres (UTCs).

Download on the App Store
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Minor Eye Condition Service (MECS)

Patients 5 and over can self-refer to this free NHS MECS. Please check the link for optometrists providing MECS in the locality. Conditions treated by MECS are:

~Sudden or recent reduction in vision in one or both eyes
~Pain and/or discomfort in the eyes, around the eye area or temples
~Recent onset or sudden increase of flashes and/or floaters in one or both eyes (appears like a fly, black specks or a cobweb moving across your vision)
~Red eye(s) or eye-lids
~Mild trauma, for example, a scratch to the outer surface of the eye(s) or lids(s)
~Suspected foreign body in the eye
~Dry eye
~Significant recent discharge from or watering of the eye
~Trichiasis (in growing eyelashes)


E-Consult. Want advice from your doctor, self-help information or have an administrative request (such as a sick note or test results? Get Started

Home visits

Home visits can be made by doctors, nurses, and district nurses but only when patients are genuinely bedbound and unable to visit the surgery. They are made at the discretion of doctors and will depend on the demand of the day. If possible please try to telephone reception before 10 a.m. if you require a home visit. Please note that lack of transport is not in itself grounds for a home visit and should only be requested if the condition would be made worse by travel or cause undue distress. We do not provide home visits for out-of-area patients. Check our catchment area.

Pregnant women & up to 6 weeks after delivery

Under 16 weeks – Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU)

If you are less than 16 weeks pregnant, contact the Early Pregnancy Unit on 01233 633331 Ext: 723 8268 for any pregnancy-related problems like bleeding, pain, suspected miscarriage or attend A&E if your symptoms are severe.

Over 16 weeks – Contact 24/7 Emergency Triage service on 01233 616638 for any of the following     

Generally unwell.
Nausea/Vomiting (resistant to 1st line treatment).
Acute abdominal or epigastric pain.
Vaginal bleeding.
Ruptured membranes.
Raised blood pressure +/- proteinuria.
Headache not relieved by paracetamol.
Visual disturbances.
Severe oedema (swelling).
Any change in foetal movements (increased or decreased).
Trauma/fall onto abdomen.
Road accidents (go to A&E first).
Suspected labour.
Unbooked lady requiring urgent care.
Abnormal discharge.
Post-natal complications up to 6 weeks (e.g significant infection).

What to do when we are closed

Please use NHS 111 if you need medical help. The NHS 111 team has trained advisers, nurses and doctors available at all times. They can help over the phone and advise you where to go if you need to see someone. Don’t waste time going to the wrong place – phone NHS 111 or go online:

Your responsibility, including keeping appointments

Please help us to help you. Use all your appointments appropriately. If you cannot come for your appointment, please call and cancel it in time, so that it can be utilised for another patient. Appointments are valuable, and to minimise cancellations or ‘Do not shows’, we offer a free text reminding service to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. You can also cancel your appointment when you receive this reminder. Please let reception know your mobile telephone number and we will add you to our telephone reminder service. Please let us know if you change your name, address, email or telephone number. If you have requested a call back from the doctor, please try and keep your phone accessible so that the doctor can reach you and if possible please also try to give a landline number as well as a mobile.

Test Results

Test results take time to reach us, so please do not ring before you have been asked to do so. Please direct all enquiries to the hospitals/consultants about test results ordered by them. Remember, you are responsible for the health of your children and of yourself. We will give our professional help and advice and we ask that you please act upon it.

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